What Happened On My Space Vacation Is Now Available!

The novel is about a teenage boy named Max who is forced to go on a vacation in space with his family (instead of staying at home and doing fun things like making out with his girlfriend). Naturally, not everything goes as planned. It's a quick, exciting read, with plenty of adventure, surprises and suspense.

It's about 280 pages, and has interior illustrations. Seriously, it has really fun pictures by my brother. He uses a technique called stippling, which, in addition to producing an interesting artistic texture, probably wrecks your hand. I'm sure that it  hurts to poke the paper that many times. (Hundreds of thousands I'm sure with all that art.) My brother also painted the cover, which we designed to be reminiscent of older sci-fi book covers.

I'm very pleased with how the novel turned out, and it's a great relief to actually be done with it. Seriously, if you're a writer you know this: by the end, you just about hate the novel, and pretty much wish you'd never started. After reading the thing for the 15th time and STILL finding mistakes, it's a little discouraging. (I'm sure there are still more...grrr.)

And yet...

And yet, there's an immense satisfaction with having told the story you set out to tell.

That's what I'm feeling right now.

Buy What Happened On My Space Vacation here: http://amzn.com/1494337517

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